The back story to the story


Life as a dot

Life as a dot is my fifth Indie publication and as with the others—The Should I? Game, No Regrets (published under Rebecca deMond), and the two What’s behind the curtain? peek-a-boo books—it has a back story.

One evening in December 2016, I sat in my aging recliner by Bassett, and flipped through news channels between games of Words with Friends™. The constant stream of stories and messages about prejudice, racism, sexism, discrimination, violence, xenophobia, homophobia, and cruelty to people and to animals weighed heavily on my soul. I felt helpless and it was in a moment of dispair and prayer that Life as a dot was gifted to me.

What evolved from my examination of that commonplace object surprised me. In some respects the publication is not dissimilar to a virtual scavenger hunt. But behind that hunt is a search for, and a recognition and acknowlegement of, the different roles we each play in life. We can choose to respect our similarities and our differences. We can promote civility and kindness.

God bless and please share.

Copyright © 2017 Helen R. Letts
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