Small actions can produce big results

Where do you go when you’re in the doldrums and need a boost? We each have a special go-to place that from experience we know will lift our spirits. For me it can be several places. But when the weather is foul, I go to Watson’s Greenhouse & Nursery, one of my favorite destinations. With a colorful array of annuals and perennials, houseplants, and trees and shrubs, it’s cheerful and it’s free. But it’s hard to resist not leaving a bit of your own green behind.


I’ve always been a major fan of geraniums, favoring the Martha Washington variety. But that changed when I discovered Apple Blossom geraniums at Watson’s. I left the nursery with several plants¬† The potted geraniums with their clusters of flowers that look like miniature, old-fashioned heritage roses were displayed in terracotta pots on the windowsills of a bay window.

Stem of an Apple Blossom


In 2014, I returned to Watson’s hoping to purchase more Apple Blossom geraniums, but learned there hadn’t been any in many years. I was so disappointed and talked with Mr. Watson, who told me how to take a cutting of one of my plants. I did, and returned the next day and left a cutting for Mr. Watson.


In April 2016, I again found myself at Watson’s. After making some purchases, I thanked Mr. Watson for his helpful staff. And I reminded him that I was the woman who had given him the cutting of an Apple Blossom geranium. His next words shocked me.

“Would you like one?” he asked.

Surprised, I said, “What?” And then I followed him into one of the greenhouses where he showed me a table filled with 1-gallon containers of Apple Blossom geraniums.

Table of 2-gallon containers of Apple Blossom Geraniums

Mr. Watson is standing next to the table to the right of the one pictured. Half the table is filled with the same 1-gallon containers of Apple Blossom geraniums.

Mr. Watson

It was a stunning sight, a beautiful moment, and I was speechless.

All of these plants started with my single cutting!

I came home with two 1-gallon containers gifted to me by Mr. Watson. More importantly, I came home with this simple, powerful message from the Lord:

Small actions can produce big results.

Copyright © 2017 Helen R. Letts