Prayers for Caleb

Caleb and John, his dad UPDATE  Caleb’s surgery went well. The boy is still experiencing a lot of pain and isn’t yet placing any weight on his “new foot.” But he will. In a sad turn of events, his father, John, was just diagnosed with cancer. So, once again, I’m asking for prayers–prayers for the healing of Caleb and John.

Caleb is a seven-year-old who loves flags and eagles, is a Lego maniac, a history buff, and wants to visit the Statute of Liberty. In most respects he’s a very normal little boy. But not entirely.

Caleb was 2 pounds, 11 ounces when he was born, and as you might expect, there were some lingering medical issues. And one issue continues to be a struggle for Caleb—the ability to walk and to run with friends.

So is it any wonder that when Caleb announced that he wanted “a new foot” that his parents consulted his doctor? The doctor assured his parents that surgery on Caleb’s foot and leg is absolutely necessary for their son to be able to walk and to run. Although wary of putting their sweet child through medical procedures, Caleb’s parents, Karen and John, couldn’t deny their son’s request for a new foot.

Caleb’s surgery is scheduled for May 30. Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery. And pray that this sweet little boy—who turns eight in June—will be walking and running with his friends at this time next year.

God bless and please share.

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